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Paraffin Extra

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The NEW MODERN Variant of PARAFFIN The MODERN Fuel For ALL Paraffin Heaters & Lamps WITHOUT the smell of Traditional Paraffin!! Ideal for Indoor Use

This is a specially modified Kerosene that significantly improves burning characteristics with virtually no odour or taint. A typical Sulphur content below 5 parts per million and extremely low aromatic content makes PARAFFIN EXTRA user friendly and sympathetic to the environment. PARAFFIN EXTRA has a minimum Flashpoint of 70°C, making it safer to use than traditional Paraffin.

  • All the characteristics of Traditional Paraffin - but BETTER:
  • No Paraffin Smell or Taint - Ideal for indoor use
  • Ultra Low Sulphur - Kinder to the environment - particularly kind to greenhouse plants
  • Improved Burning Characteristics - a more advanced fuel in all respects
  • High Flashpoint - Safer to store
  • User Friendly
Modern Fuel for Paraffin Heaters and Lamps

Modern Fuel for Paraffin Heaters and Lamps Without the Paraffin Smell!

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